TWSS Reconciliation Webinar 2021

Quantum Software is providing a TWSS Reconciliation Seminar on Friday, May 21. This seminar is solely directed at those companies who participated in the TWSS and the focus is on providing essential knowledge of the scheme, help interpreting the Balancing statement and, should issues arise, how to address them and outline the possible payment options.

This additional seminar is being held in response to customer requests and Revenue advice that just 20% of Quantum Payroll users who availed of TWSS have completed the reconciliation process. Revenue expects that the vast majority of customers will owe money due to the nature of blanket payments in the early phases of TWSS.

Seminar dates:

May 21st (Friday), 10:00 - 12:00

This will be an on-line Webinar using Zoom.

What you will learn…

Part 1 - TWSS Recap

1. Employer COVID Refund Scheme
2. Trasitional Phase
3. Operational Phase
4. Payroll Submission / TWSS Upload

Part 2 - TWSS Reconcilation

1. Revenue Reconcilation Process
a. Review ROS screens/process
b. Agreeing figures (Revenue & Payroll)
c. Underpayment of TWSS
d. Over payment ot TWSS
2. Payroll Reconcilation approach
a. Reports / worksheets to use
b. Review process
c. Finding additional detail
3. Payment of the TWSS balance
a. Discharging TWSS payment
b. Debt Warehousing

Part 3 – TWSS / Misc Items

1. Employer discharging employee TWSS Tax & USC liability
2. Employer (TWSS) corrections / resubmissions

Question and answers

We are aware of costs and have tailored this seminar to a 2 hour session therefore the Seminar Cost is €200 for first attendee, €175 for additional places (VAT Exempt)
Please indicate your preference below. All efforts will be made to ensure your choice can be accommodated but due to participation levels this may not be possible.

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Friday, May 21st, 10:00 - 12:00

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